Why donate?

Your monetary donations help with day-to-day expenses like re-stocking socks and undies or purchasing obscure shoe sizes and pants when we are missing certain sizes! We so appreciate any support your family or organization can provide. You can see below how far your dollars can go for Abundant Blessings! 

If you are a  business-owner and would like to discuss a monthly, quarterly, or annual tax-deductable sponsorship, please contact Ashtyn Fischer at 417-841-7904 or Ashtyn.Fischer@gmail.com. 

Thank you!

Your Donation Can Pay For...


  • A box of diapers
  • A teen hygiene kit
  • Socks & undies for 2 kids


  • A pair of shoes
  • A booster car seat
  • 1 outfit & 1 set of PJs


  • A month of storage
  • A convertible car sear
  • Gas for 1 round-trip mobile ministry event

***To give to Abundant Blessings, please follow the link and ensure that the "Abundant Blessings" option is selected under the dropdown menu. If this option is not selected, your donation will go to the church's general fund.